Automotive Video & Rear Seat Video Entertainment

Automotive Video & Rear Seat Video Entertainment


When your customers ask about automobile rear seat video entertainment, turn to BB Distribution for reliable, cost-effective systems. We offer vehicle-specific and universal solutions for customers that want to stream videos from their smartphones or tablets, want to watch a DVD or listen to music from the comfort of their vehicles rear seats.

We offer dual-zone or multi-zone systems that have audio and video output for several monitors. The flexibility of dual zone lets the driver listen to the radio while passengers enjoy the video experience.

Rear seat entertainment video monitors and media players are available in several styles:

  • Headrest video monitors are available in 3 configurations:
    • With screens installed in factory-manufactured headrests
    • As detachable screens that secure to your headrest posts
    • New headrests with screens installed as replacements for factory-supplied headrests
  • Overhead, fold-down monitors are available for larger vehicles like minivans or SUVs. These ceiling-mounted rear seat video entertainment systems make it easy for all backseat passengers to view the car video player.

Wholesale Distribution of Video Players for Cars in Canada


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