Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems

Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems


Newer vehicles often feature automotive collision avoidance systems and are becoming increasingly popular aftermarket enhancements. Why? According to data collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and other research organizations, car collision avoidance mechanisms help reduce vehicle crashes and automobile-related injuries.

BB Distribution partners with leading manufacturers of automotive collision technology. We offer:

  • Radar, infrared (IR) and enhanced viewing DVR systems.
    • Our solutions give customers a video record of activity in (and around) their vehicle, helping increase awareness and safety, and a record in case of accident.
    • Our collision avoidance systems for cars alerts drivers to forward, reverse, and through traffic collisions.
  • Vehicle-specific and custom options with sensors that accommodate vehicle structures and driving conditions.
  • Add-on automotive collision technology such as:
    • Lane departure warning
    • Heads-up displays
    • Automotive night vision
    • Blind sport detection

As a leading distributor of high-quality car collision avoidance systems in Canada, BB Distribution is the best partner for delivering reliability and safety to your customers.

Wholesale Distribution of Automotive Collision Technology in Canada


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