Mobile Accessories

Mobile Accessories


Average commute times are increasing, and consumers are spending at least 30 days each year driving to-and-from work.

Since they’re driving at least a month every year, it’s not surprising that consumers are looking for products to make their vehicle time more convenient and enjoyable. On top of that, all 10 provinces in Canada have some form of cell phone/distracted driving legislation in place, safety also plays a vital role in the driving experience.

BB Distribution offers a range of high-quality automotive accessories to improve the driving experience.

  • Seat warmers from well-known manufacturers offer both warmth and comfort. Choose from options with extra features like lumbar support, universal fit, securing straps, or massaging motors.
  • Phone holders from BB Distribution deliver safety, stability, and convenience for drivers who need to access their phone while on the road. You’ll find versions to support most phone brands either horizontally or vertically with grips or magnets that keep the phone steady over all terrains.

Our electronic car accessories are affordable, easy to install, and designed to delight your customers.

Wholesale Distribution of Electronic Car Accessories in Canada


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