Automotive OEM Integration

Automotive OEM Integration


New vehicles are becoming more and more complex and their stereos come from the manufacturer using unique dash configurations with proprietary features and connections. Many new vehicles have consoles that are all-in-one: climate controls, GPS, vehicle warning signals, and backup cameras are housed with the sound system. Consumers may believe they’re stuck with the factory stereo, or missing vehicle options when buying a new or used vehicle.

Fortunately, automotive OEM integration solutions from BB Distribution let your customers retain original equipment and improve sound quality and driver safety without having to go to the dealership. We partner with leading manufacturers to provide:

  • Aftermarket cameras for blind spot detection
  • Dash cams for traffic monitoring
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Backup and parking assistance sensors
  • Aftermarket stereo upgrades

Automotive OEM gets easier when you buy from BB Distribution. We’re a leading distributor of OEM parts in Canada and take pride in delivering high quality products and service.

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