OEM Replacement LED Bulb

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ODX SPARK bulbs are perfect for replacing your original bulbs and help convert your vehicle to LED in a simple and affordable way. They are the same size as your original bulbs, without fan or ballast, and can be installed everywhere.

Their power of 1250 lumens each will surprise you because of their small size. Thanks to this ultra-white light, and its wide beam identical to higher-level bulbs, you will be able to see better and further, without complex or expensive conversion. You will be impressed by the contrast of the colors; you may ride safely knowing that you will also be more visible


  • Versatility: Easy to install in low beam, high beam or fog lamps. All types of vehicles, whether it is passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.
  • Installation: Easy, no adjustment needed.
  • Warranty: Guaranteed as long as you own your vehicle
  • Design: Entirely designed in aerospace grade aluminum.
  • Reliability: Normal service life exceeding 30000 hours. 100% waterproof, resistant to mud, snow, shocks, vibration and dust. Can tolerate weather conditions from -40c up to + 80c.
  • Color: Cold white is 6500K.
  • Power: Up to 2 times more powerful than the original halogen bulbs.Peace of Mind: Project a horizontal light beam on the road and when installed correctly, they will not bother drivers in the opposite direction


H1, H3, H7, H8, H10, H11, H16, 9005, 9006, 9012, 880, 881, PSX24

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